The Online Outlet where you decide the price!

At The Outlet Specialist you set the price! Select an item from our wide range, set the price you think it's worth, wait for acceptance or a counter proposal and save.

A-brands directly from the manufacturer

Our entire assortment comes directly from the manufacturer or supplier. We only work with A-brands to offer you the best quality at the best price. At the time of ordering, your order will be delivered directly from the supplier. This not only saves CO2 but also gives you a competitive price.

Together we prevent waste

By offering a second life to expired articles, returned goods and overproductions we prevent waste and destruction of products. For you as a customer this not only results in a competitive price but it is also good for the environment.

Our goal

The Outlet Specialist's goal is to prevent destruction of stock. We do this by selling returned goods, overproductions and remaining articles in a responsible way.

The result is that the market prices are not affected, you as a customer get a bargain price and the producer does not have to destroy its stock.